City’s logbook: Voluntary Local Reviews of the SDG journey

01.10.2021 17:00 - 18:30 | Room 7 | SESSION


Bahar Özay

Coordinator, UN SDSN Turkey

Camilo Andres Quiroz Hinojosa

Director of Urban and Territorial Space

Ramon Canal Oliveras

Dr., Director of Agenda 2030 Barcelona, Barcelona City Council

Tamer Atabarut

Dr., Director, UN SDSN Turkey

Vural Çakır

President, INGEV

Ruhisu Can Al

General Coordinator, Izmir Sustainable Urban Development Network

Hüseyin Keskin

Mayor, Sultanbeyli Municipality

The session aims to reveal the importance of localization of SDGs and Voluntary Local Reviews(VLRs) on achieving global goals. Gathering policy makers, it will address the motivation behind cities’ VLR preparation, how these reports contribute to local and national policy making processes and how to ensure coherence between VLRs and Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs). Besides, cities’ works on SDGs will be shared and how the COVID-19 pandemic affect their works will be discussed.